Marian Shannon
What is The|Marshann about?
The|Marshann was actually supposed to be a blog about architecture, design, and fashion, but since she can't keep up with all those cool stuff; she decided to make this a blog for her random thoughts, and maybe those can just be seen a bit since it still interests her in a way.

Who is behind the blog?
A very introverted architect who always wants to be alone. A frustrated polyglot, scientist, philanthropist, and environmentalist, she has a dream of making the world a better place.

Why "The|Marshann"?
She just finds Marshann quite catchy, and aside from that, The|Marshann sounds quite out of this world ('the martian'). She wants to be able to create something in the future which seems out of this world - although as of this writing those dreams are still impossible. And perhaps her head has always been fond of anything that's out of this world.

[I feel more cool using the third person, hahaha. One thing I didn't add on the about part - I'm weird]
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