First K-Pop Concert Experience: WANNA ONE #W1OneTheWorldMNL

Marian Shannon

For someone who has never been a big fan of someone before, it's quite hard to fathom how another person can spend so much just to see their faves on stage. To be honest, I was that kind of person before (although I've been a big fan of Fahrenheit, I was just a broke student back then so it doesn't really count), and I have to admit that I constantly asked myself: "why would someone bother to spend that much just for another human-being?". Well, everything changed when I met Wanna One (see back story: How I Became a Wannable).

Months before the announcement of their upcoming world tour, I was really certain I'd come to their concert, I knew I had to watch them live. So when the time came that the dates and locations were posted, the wait for the ticketing schedules was on the agenda. Luckily, Pulp offered an IPA/PPA ticketing assistance which was really helpful as it kinda secured a spot earlier than the specified ticketing date, although the 'saving up' part was harder.

Fast forward to the concert day and I was really excited, because it will be my first time witnessing a K-Pop Concert (and a concert from an international artist as well). We arrived at the venue before lunchtime as we wanted to secure our tickets first. I was even lucky to get a Kang Daniel access card without having to trade with anyone.

Hours prior to the concert, the venue was abuzz with the concertgoers and merchants which amped up the entire atmosphere, and I have to admit that I wasn't able to stop myself from buying unofficial merch even though I knew I won't be using them after. There's just something that entices you to buy lots of stuff because of the ambiance.

During the afternoon though, the waiting game began and it was quite tiring, to say the least, though the anticipation was building up and the feeling of being tired can be pushed at the back of your mind.

Me and my sister while waiting
Once the queue was starting to move, the tiredness was dwindling down and it's only the anticipation that's filling your heart.

Once we entered the arena, I just can't help but smile and look forward to the performances. When it started, it was all surreal. Maybe it was because of our location, but I somehow didn't bother to focus on the performance, rather, I just wanted to take the moment to appreciate that I was seeing the boys quite close.

(This may not be totally accurate, but...)
I was glad to see how Ha Sungwoon cheerfully interacted with the fans though he spaced out at certain times, how Bae Jinyoung really changed from that deep dark boy during P101 and seemed cheerful, how Hwang Minhyun can easily catch your attention just by standing there in front of you (he really exudes a certain aura that can be so attractive, it's hard to explain), how Yoon Jisung cried when they were saying their last messages for their tour, how Lai Guanlin kept spacing out for most parts but actually got teary-eyed when the crowd wished him a happy birthday, how Park Woojin was his usual hyper/playful self around the members, how Ong Seongwu was being teased and him being playful as well, how Kim Jaehwan was also spacing out but still tried to interact with the fans, how Lee Daehwi seemed like a bright ray of sunshine, how Park Jihoon reacts to cringey stuff the other members are doing, and how Kang Daniel still managed to try being hyperactive and playful and interactive despite being sick that day.

I won't make a detailed description of everything that happened during the concert because my memory might not serve me right, but I can still remember feeling like it was the best night of my life. There were really no words to describe the whole experience. I really appreciated seeing these hardworking boys reach this point where they're at right now.

This concert opened my eye to see how wonderful K-Pop concerts can be. I'm not sure if I'll be able to watch one ever again (or anytime soon), but I'll really treasure this moment.

P.S. If I'd have written this just a few days after the concert, it would probably be full of gushing and random gibberish as I was still suffering from PCD back then. I only managed to write this now with a more rational state of mind, though I forgot the key parts I would've wanted to mention before. Haha!

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