How I Became a Wannable

Marian Shannon

Joining a fandom wasn't an entirely new experience for me. During high school, I became a big fan of Fahrenheit (a Taiwanese boy band) and I recalled joining different forums, groups and such just to get updated with their activities and what not. However, joining a K-Pop fandom felt totally different.

My journey to being a Wannable started when my brother put on Produce 101 Season 2 for me to watch. He was a big fan of the first season and he suggested that I should try watching season 2. He only showed me the first two episodes, which was the only ones available then since it was currently running (April 2017). Since the show was really entertaining for me (thank you, Yoon Jisung!), I kept on repeating those first two episodes until there were three and little by little, I noticed that I just waited for the upcoming episodes and even watched them without subs (I don't really watch shows without subtitles because it's pointless not being able to understand things, but this was a special case).

While the show was ongoing, I knew that I'll support whoever ends up in the final 11 lineup and also the other boys who I got to like as well. Right now, I managed to have one version of each of their album (debut/comeback release), I'd like to think I'm still quite reasonable when it comes to spending. I also managed to get a Ghana x Wanna One chocolate in a Korean grocery store in Cebu. I was able to go to their concert. I only scored their very first magazine cover though (1st look) as it was starting to become hard for me to keep track of the things they got involved in or released after the first few months of debut - their appearances and endorsements just started flooding in by then.

In case you're wondering who my bias is, it's Kang Daniel. I noticed him immediately on their Nayana stage. People might think that it's his pink hair, but there's just something about the way he performs, like it's really captivating and there's a certain feel to it. Although he only got noticed later on the show (thanks to his fancams), it just proves that I wasn't the only one who noticed the impact he has on stage.

Anyway, I got into Produce while I was sort of dealing with a lot of negative emotions. Prior to getting addicted to the show, I would almost always go out at night because I kinda felt suffocated with the overwhelming silence (which has always been my comfort). I don't know, somehow, getting addicted to the show helped me get back a piece of myself that I felt like I lost (although not totally). When I really got into the show, I'd just watch random videos of everyone, started following stan accounts, and it made me not look for "idkwhatIwassearchingfor" (answers) elsewhere, instead, I just kept staying at home and got addicted to Asian dramas/series again. It's really hard to explain, but I'll always be grateful for stumbling upon Produce 101 Season 2.

(random blab, don't mind my improper paragraph construction, lol)

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