Rhyming Notes 001

Marian Shannon

Rain in my hair, grass on my feet
At times when I feel like I don't fit
Dancing and frolicking in the rain
Trying to hide and ease the pain
Listening to the sound of your unshed tears
Knowing fully that you're facing your fears
In a world where people just use and abuse
Come with me and be my muse
Let my words speak for what I can't say
Because I promise you there is no other way
Always act and pretend like you're sober
Despite being drunk with what this world has to offer
Forget everyone who doesn't treat you right
And hold on to those who appreciate you very tight

Starting to be a burden to those around you
Time to drift off before starting anew
How do you make the pain go away?
No matter what, it doesn't go astray
Not the most perfect poet or writer of prose
Just a simple result of being morose

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