Bacalla Woods Campsite

Marian Shannon

From the South Bus Terminal, take a bus going to San Fernando and ask to be dropped off at Pitalo Church. The ride will only last for an hour (or more, depending on the traffic). From there, take a trisikad (tricycle) going to the campsite.

Upon arriving, a number of people gathered in various crowds were evident. Being the struggling introvert that I am with my fellow introvert friend, we can't really figure out who to approach regarding our reservation, but we just braved our way and approached the people inside the hut. 

I initially planned to rent out a tent, but one of those in charge of the campsite suggested that we rent out a hammock, and it actually turned out to be a great experience, as I was able to doze off the entire night without having back pains in the morning.

I also felt lucky enough to sleep in the balcony area which was just beside the famous infinity swing.

Aside from the camping experience, I also got to try out some physical activities which were quite unusual for someone who usually has a sedentary routine (i.e. trekking).

Unexpectedly, my friend and I also got to make a new friend and we're all coincidentally born on the same month (February). It was another great takeaway from this short trip, which actually feels more like a vacation as the usage of cellphones were very minimal unless you plan on taking photos.

Indeed, their slogan of "disconnect to connect" is a perfect tagline for promoting this place which is a perfect escape away from the busy city. You can really have that peace of mind you're seeking for and maybe connect more with yourself or with others without the means of a digital instrument.

Food (varies) ------------------------------- 150.00
Bus (roundtrip) -----------------------------   80.00
Tricycle (roundtrip) ------------------------ 150.00
Reservation (overnight w/ breakfast)  --- 200.00
Hammock ----------------------------------- 150.00
Trekking (to Kawasan Falls) -------------   50.00
TOTAL                                                =  780.00

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