Skimboarding in San Remigio

Marian Shannon

It was an unplanned weekend trip. I was just going over some messages and I recall seeing a certain group of friends constantly talking (on our group chat) about going to San Remigio over the weekend. I wasn't truly aware of what the commotion was about but on the day before they're set to go, I randomly hit up one friend and asked him what we'll be doing there, he actually didn't give me the exact details, but I suddenly decided to go with them.

And it was a great thing that I did!

It was my first time going there and by the time we arrived at night, everyone was just very chill, they played games and just had fun the entire night. I really didn't join in the fun 'cause I was really just into the 'chillin' part (old soul problems, lol).

On the next day, that's when we went to the beach and since our friend had a few skimboards in possession, I decided to give it a try. For the most part, I failed, but it was better than not trying at all.

Aside from skimboarding, the beach was very beautiful with its white sand. And despite going there on a Sunday, it wasn't too crowded.

It was an unplanned trip, but it was worth it.

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