Starting Over

Marian Shannon

I miss writing. I miss having an outlet for my thoughts. I miss having someone to talk to about my goals and dreams, my fear of failing and not being good enough. I miss the feeling of just talking without putting much thought into it (not that I'm talkative, but I can be quite chatty when writing down my thoughts).

I guess it's time to start over with this blog. I won't try to fit in to a certain niche. I won't promote this or whatever. I'll just go with what interests me. So I guess the content of this blog may vary, it may be one of the following:

  • My day-to-day thoughts, can be awesome insights on things or just something boring which happens to be interesting to me
  • My daily struggles while trying to reach my dreams
  • My coping up with social anxiety, dealing with extreme introversion, and sometimes forgetting that I'm an introvert
  • My desire to escape
  • My sensitive and occasionally numb feelings and 'unexpressed love' for my friends
  • etc, etc, etc
So this will just be like a shit pile of my thoughts. Have fun diving into my head!


  1. Always keep optimism, creativity and passion. And Oh, the layout of this blog is awesome. More power girl!

    1. Thank you! Credits to the maker of this layout then :) hehe


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